Be sure to include tutorials in your conference plans. Tutorials are included in your conference registration -- there is no separate fee for tutorials at the Graz conference.

Tutorials will be held Sunday, 13 May 2012 (see tutorial schedule here) at Graz University of Technology (campus Inffeldgasse, lecture rooms i1, i2, i11, i12, i13). Tutorials, lunch (12:00-13:30), and coffee break (15:00-15:30) are included in the conference fees.

Coordinated tutorial tracks will introduce you to selected industry practices and measurement problems or to new academic developments explored in the specialized conference tracks. Tutorials are designed to allow you to get the greatest benefit from specialized I2MTC conference papers and posters.

Five parallel tutorial tracks will cover the following topics:

Industrial track #1 – “Providing Sustainable Energy”:

Industrial track #2 – “Enabling Alternative Vehicles”:

Industrial track #3 – “Protecting the Environment”:

Academic track #1

Academic track #2: