Student Competition


Student Competition at I2MTC 2012

 Undergraduate and graduate Students are kindly invited to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Instrumentation & Measurement Society (IMS) at the I2MTC 2012 conference in Graz, Austria by preparing birthday presents for the Society. Each birthday present should refer to the general I2MTC 2012 topic “Smart Measurements for a Sustainable Environment” or to the I2MTC 2012 Industrial Track topics

    Providing Sustainable Energy,

    Enabling Alternative Vehicles, and

    Protecting the Environment.

Students wanting to enroll in the competition must be or must become IEEE Student Members and will receive as gratitude, complimentary IMS membership for 2012.

The maximum number of Student enrollments for the competition is limited to 100. First come first serve principle will be used. To enroll send an email including your IEEE membership number to

The submission of the student’s contributions is required until May 8th, 2012, to the Organizing Committee ( and should contain:

    Description of the idea using the submission form available here,

    Some photo(s) of the contribution (max. 5 MB).

The contributed object should represent an illustration/exposition of an idea related to the conference topics (may be artistic, visionary, contemporary, …). It must not be a functional prototype of a measurement system.

The Organizing Committee of I2MTC 2012 will award the 10 best     birthday presents for the 60th IMS anniversary celebration. Students receiving the award will get a complementary I2MTC 2012 registration, or if already registered, the fee will be refunded. Criteria for the rating of the submissions are:

    Relevance to the conference topic / industrial track topics,

    Originality/innovativeness of the contribution,

    Presentation of the underlying idea (submitted abstract),

    Relevance to instrumentation & measurement technology in general.

The award winners will hand over the birthday presents to the IMS President during the 60th IMS Anniversary Celebration at the Conference Banquet on Tuesday, May 15th, 2012.

The award winners will have the opportunity to publish a photo and describe the idea behind the birthday present in an abstract published in the IMS Magazine.

 *Membership fee for European IEEE Student Members is 27 US$ for 2012 (new members 13.50 US$)